Our referral program rewards both the referrer and the referee, please follow simple steps as under to avail the benefits of our referral program:


Step: 1 After logging into your account please go to “Settings” section and click on “Manageable Form Fields” option.

Step: 2 In Manageable Form Field you are provided with Wallet Section which is disable. Make it Enable to facilitate with earn value since earn amount is deposited in Wallet.

Step:3 Next step is you need to select option “Referral Code” in Settings section only. You need to enable Referral Code Status which is already disable.


After enabling it you will be provided with two options – (a) Referral Code Value and (b) Refer Code Value. Admin can set this referral code value and refer code value as per their own desired value.  Referral code value is for the person who you need to invite and earn and he/she will use your referral link. Whereas, the refer code value is for the person who will be using this referral code.

In this context we have set Referral Code value = 30 and Refer Code = 15

Step: 4 Now when your customer makes fresh booking and check his/her wallet history it will be $ 0 for each fresh booking.

Now to invite & earn the user needs to copy the link as specified in invite and earn and can send to his friends/relatives so that both the parties get benefit of Invite & Earn.

You can share your link via mail, Facebook, Twitter or on WhatsApp. Now to get benefit of Invite & Earn copy and share the link with your friend/relative, now let your friend/relative use that link for booking purpose as show below:

After filling all necessary details regarding bookings, since now your friend/relative is having referral code they need to put that code and click on Apply to avail the facility of Invite & Earn.


Step:5 Now in account of the person the Wallet Amount will be $15 since they used referral code provided by his/her friend/relative.

Similarly, you can Invite & Earn with sharing the link among your friends & relatives.

Step:6 Now the Wallet amount of the person who shared the link for Invite & Earn will be $ 30 which was initially $ 0.

So in this way you can get benefit of Invite & Earn.